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we do?

Grading, processing and shipping fishermen’s catch to markets. Originating in Aegean Sea, our seafood is processed using industry leading procedures and equipment. All of our seafood is sorted and processed to ensure convenience and consistency. We are specialized in Seacucumber processing of aegean sea area (Attiki - Izmir)


Fresh catch is been collected in chilled salt water tanks before beeing processed and  shock frozen immediately after.

Seperated in two categories:

- *White

- **Black


Calsiyum freed and air dried (natural) seperated in three categories:

- White with spikes approx. 110/kg

- White with no spikes approx. 110/kg

- Black with no spikes apaprox. 150/kg

*White = H.Tubulosa

**Black = H.Poli

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